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Messick & Associates Company History
Messick Group, Inc is continuing the tradition started in 1951 by C.D. Messick, Jr. & Associates. 
Throughout the 1950's, 60's, 70's & 80's, CD Messick, Jr. & Associates became one of the premier engineering firms providing services within central Maryland.  The firm grew to more than 50% of the engineering market share in the local Anne Arundel County and Annapolis area.  In 1983 CD Messick, Jr. & Associates was sold to another local firm.  Messick & Associates was restarted in 1986 simply to complete some personal projects for the Messick family.  When word got out that Messick was back in business, the rest of the development world soon followed.  For many years, they had come to know a level of service provided by the previous firm, and desired that same honesty, care and pride in their projects.   Messick Group, Inc. continues that tradition today. 
The management of the firm still follows the Messick Way of "Keep It Simple Stupid", "Do What You Say You Will Do" and "Treat Every Client's Project As If It Were Your Own". 
Wayne A. Newton, PE joined the firm in 1991, followed by Susan Schroen in 1992.  In 1994, Wayne and Sue became co-owners / managers of the firm and in 1996, the company became Messick Group, Inc. That partnership has continued the Messick tradition stated above.  This tradition and training came through years of working directly with Denny Messick, and when Wayne and Sue acquired the firm, the management style, dedication and ideals of the firm were seamless from that which Mr. Messick started.
Today, Wayne and Sue continue to manage and run the firm with the help of a number of seasoned professionals. The majority of our staff has been with the firm in excess of ten years, thereby creating an experienced, functional, well organized team.

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